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Poly B Surrey

Poly B Pipe Replacement in vancouver lower mainland

Don’t panic; hire Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for instant Poly B replacement solutions at affordable rates in Burnaby and Surrey. Our team will repair the compromised points in the piping system, but we recommend you replace the complete pipeline to avoid this situation from reoccurring.

Do you Own A House That Needs Old Poly B Pipe Replacement in vancouver lower mainland?

Are you suffering from leakages, and pipe bursting has become a norm in your house or office? You must live in an old property dating back to the 1980s with a legendary Poly B (Poly Butylene) piping system installed. Sooner or later, your bathrooms, kitchen, and living rooms will have more leakage issues, and your home will turn into a construction site eventually.

Don’t panic; hire Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning for instant Poly B replacement solutions at affordable rates in Burnaby and Surrey. Our team will repair the compromised points in the piping system, but we recommend you replace the complete pipeline to avoid this situation from reoccurring.

History of Poly Butylene Pipes

These pipes were used many years ago but banned due to their non-reliable nature after 2005. Still, there are thousands of properties in Canada with this piping system. These pipes were used because of their low cost, easy installation, and easy transportation, but they proved to be a disaster for many homeowners later. People used it as an alternative to copper pipes and these pipes possessed a grey color. Poly B is prone to leakages and damage more than any material; the government banned it, and people have switched to PVC and PEX A piping since then.

Why is Poly B Pipe Not a Good Option Anymore?

Why Should You Replace Poly B with PEX A IN Burnaby?

Replacing the whole pipeline is a huge investment, but staying with the damaged one won’t give you peace of mind either. We at Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning recommend you switch from Poly B to PEX A pipe, and you won’t have to repair or replace it for decades. We won’t mind repairing your existing pipeline, but our customer-oriented approach is about giving you the right suggestion. Let us show you why PEX A is a more reliable option for the future.

Stefano’s Unmatched Poly B Repair and Replacement Services in Langley and Maple Ridge

If you need a quick repair of your existing Poly B piping or you want to change it with copper, PVC, or PEX A pipes, we are at your service seven days a week. We have made the difference clear between Poly B and other materials, and you are wise enough to select what will be the best option for your beautiful home. PEX A has outnumbered Poly B in terms of features and acceptance as an elite option in Burnaby, Surrey, and Coquitlam. Hiring the right plumber guarantees that your waterline will be worth spending every penny. Contact us for the best plumbing solutions, and we will dispatch a capable team to save you from further flooding.

Our Poly B Pipe Replacement Process in Coquitlam, BC

Stefano’s Plumbing and Drain Cleaning will give an estimation of costs under your financial budget, but for this, you need to tell us about your must-haves. Our remediation process consists of four major sections, and we work in an organized way to make it rejuvenating and straightforward.

1. Look After Your Home

We will cover the furniture and floors with plastic sheets and remove delicate appliances from sight. It is a necessary measure before we begin the remediation process.

2. Repair or Replace Poly B Pipes

No problem if you are not willing to get a new piping system. Our experts will patch the broken Poly B pipes to make them functional. But if you have decided to get rid of Poly B pipes to bring in a new PEX A Sewer line, we will make it quick with our licensed crew and advanced tools. Discard your old, non-functional Poly B piping system for an enjoyable living in Langley. We are available for partial and complete Poly B pipe replacement in residential and business places in your area.

3. Restore Your Home

After finishing the remediation, we will restore all the holes and damage in the walls and ceiling to make it like before. We will do the detailing and wall painting before we leave.

4. Cleaning the Site

Leaving even a single particle of dust behind is against our commitment. We will wash and clean your home to make it just like it was upon our arrival a few days ago. After completing our task at your property, your will never know we were there.

Why Choose Us?

Poly B pipeline is tricky to deal with because you never know when it will leak or break. These pipes start dying from the inside, making them difficult to detect by ordinary homeowners. When you have us on board, we will locate the compromised points for you and suggest the vital changes. Hiring a wrong and fraudulent plumber is just like having Poly B pipes in your house. We prioritize your comfort as a favorite plumbing service in BC. We are always available to help you substitute the old Poly B with robust, rigid, and high-quality PEX A pipes for a memorable experience. We offer unsurpassed plumbing services at knee-high rates.

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